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Welcome to Rice Memorial Hospital's Employee Page

Welcome to Rice Memorial Hospital's Employee Page! Rice is pleased to offer these electronic resources as a benefit to our employees. Please note, non-exempt employees are prohibited form working off-the-clock, and any work duties must be completed during work hours.


Rice e-mail system

Rice email archive

By using this system,
you agree to abide by
the hospital's Policy & Procedure IM-10 Electronic Mail.

API Employee Portal

Directions for accessing your API employee portal are available on Rice Net from a hospital computer system.

Access your Medica Plan, claim Information, and wellness credits

Estimate costs for medical care

Elsevier's Clinical Key for Nursing

Online Work Order

Submit a work order for:

• I.S. Help Desk
• Maintenance
• Biomed
• Housekeeping
• Vehicle Repair Form
• Ambulance Work Order

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